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Like us on FacebookWelcome to the home page of the Palouse Mycological Association (PMA), the amateur mushroom club of Washington State University, the University of Idaho, and surrounding area.

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The Palouse Mycological Association is a relatively new club, formed in January, 1993 by Norma Copes who served as our president until 1995. The goal of our association is to provide opportunities for our members to gain a better understanding of mushrooms and related fungi through forays, presentations and fungal feasts.  We have a dedicated and highly enthusiastic core of members and our numbers are growing each year. Our members include amateur and professional mycologists from the Pullman - Moscow area and the surrounding communities of the Palouse.

Our scientific advisors are Dr. Lori Carris, associate professor at Washington State University and Dr. Edmund Tylutki, professor emeritus of the University of Idaho. Dr. Tylutki is the author of several books on regional fungi, including Volumes 1 and 2 of Mushrooms of Idaho and the Pacific Northwest, dealing with Discomycetes and allied fungi, and non-gilled hymenomycetes, respectively.

The Palouse, once a vast, rolling grassland is now farmed with mostly winter wheat and some lentil production. While grasslands may not seem like optimal foray territory (unless one is interested in smut fungi...), we are located within an easy drive of the rich conifer forests of northern Washington and Idaho.

Monthly Meeting

The PMA no longer meets regularly, but you can check for information on any Special Meetings.


The PMA would like to thank Dr. Jack Rogers and the WSU Plant Pathology Department for sponsoring this web site.

Contact Information

PMA President: Timothy Paulitz
Room 363 Johnson Hall
Pullman, WA 99164-6430
509 335-7077
FAX 509 335-7674
Comments:  Timothy Paulitz


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